Turn your backyard into that vacation spot you want to visit this year, and it will be a spot you can use for many years to come. You might find that a stay-cation in your own back yard is both fun and exciting. The best part of a stay-cation is that you get to enjoy the amenities longer.

So how do you go about creating an escape on your own property?


Water is one of the biggest attractions for get-away places. You can create water attractions by installing pools, spas, hot-tubs, or waterfalls.

The pool is the one attraction that most people enjoy. Children, teens, adults and seniors can all have fun in the water. You can create a unique pool according to the people who will be using it and the natural surroundings you have.

Do not just pour a boring concrete deck around your pool. Use pavers, and stones to create a unique area that adds beauty and interest to your surroundings.

You can create your own water slide and keep children entertained for hours on end.

A diving board is a fun way for you to enter the pool at the deep end. Your family can spend hours perfecting their diving abilities, and learning the different diving techniques.

A waterfall feature established close to or in the pool will provide you with the exotic sounds that you would expect to find while swimming on a remote tropical island. The waterfall will create an atmosphere that you can relax in and allow you to remain calmer while you are playing in your backyard.

Poolside Kitchens

You can have a poolside outdoor kitchen designed from rocks, stones and pavers that match the pavers around your pool. You will enjoy cooking meals outdoors while you listen to the sounds of your family laughing and having fun.

The poolside kitchens can include barbeque grills, gas ranges, ovens, and more. You can have a sink installed for easier access to water, and you can have a countertop designed to allow you to prepare your foods right on the spot.


One of the things that can turn an ordinary pool in the backyard into a vacation zone is the erection of a cabana close to the water. You can relax in the shade and listen to music while you watch the children in the pool.

You will also be covered if rain was to threaten your outside fun. These areas can be soft lit so at night you have a secluded place to dine and enjoy intimate conversations with friends and family.

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