Enhance your Property Value with Stone Pathways

Enhance your Property Value with Stone Pathways

The value of your property is based on location, amount of property, and improvements on that property. When the majority of people consider the improvements on a property they consider the home or structures like storage sheds and buildings. They also think about amenities like pools and hot tubs because those items make a property more appealing to buyers, and thus the property becomes more valuable.

One of the things you can do to increase the value of your property is to create stone pathways from the major points of interest. When you leave out of the front door to walk to the driveway or to the street in front of the property you do not want to walk through the grass or across an unlevel ground.

If you create a pathway from the front door to the street by laying brick or stone pavers you will create a level walkway that allows you to not get your feet wet or dirty when you are traveling the path. Even if it has just rained outside you can travel the stone path and not get dirty doing so.

The benefits of a stone pathway

  •         The stone path is level and will allow you to walk safely and take fewer chances of falling, tripping, or turning an ankle.
  •         The inside of the home will stay cleaner because you are not walking through dirt or grass before you walk into the home. You track in less dirt          because your shoes pick up less dirt.
  •         The lawn looks better with a stone path than it would with a beaten-down trail that you make by traveling over the same area repeatedly.
  •         You can add interesting lighting and borders to stone paths to dress them up even more
  •         Your home instantly has increased curb appeal when you create the stone pathways

Stone pathways are alluring to prospective buyers because they can see all of the benefits of having these paths that are level, safer to navigate, and cleaner to travel.

Where to place stone pathways on your property

The obvious places for stone pathways are from your front door to the most frequently traveled places like the driveway or the street in front of the house. It there are flower beds, gazebos, or areas of particular interest in the front section of the lawn you can also create a stone path leading to those areas.

When you exit the back door of the home you will want a path that leads to any storage buildings you may have in the back section of the property. You also want a path leading to any outdoor attractions like pools, tennis courts, patios, outdoor kitchens, game areas, or particular places of interest that you might frequently travel.

To learn more about stone pathways and all of the options you have in making them contact the experts at Fritz Stoneworks at 636-861-1530. The friendly staff will be able to answer all of your questions and help you make the best choices according to your location, budget, and ideas.


Outdoor Kitchen Elements to Make Entertaining Easier than Ever

Outdoor Kitchen Elements to Make Entertaining Easier than Ever

Outdoor kitchens are more popular than they have ever been. Not too many years ago an outdoor kitchen consisted of a grill, possibly a sink and countertop, and a table to serve the food at. Then people began to realize that they liked cooking and entertaining outdoors. They liked the freedom of being out of the house, and the no-fuss of cooking and dining outside when friends and family came to visit.

Once the benefits of outdoor cooking became apparent to more people then outdoor kitchens started to take on a new look and purpose. Today there are elements you can add to your outdoor cooking space that make the food preparation, cooking and cleaning up easier than ever before.


Cabinetry with stone, or stainless steel, countertops is being added to outdoor cooking spaces. The cabinetry allows you to have cooking vessels and utensils already close at hand so you do not have to bring them from inside the house and put them back after the entertaining is over.

These cabinets are complete with drawers and storage space. They are designed to withstand the heat and humidity that exterior positioning creates. They also give you the counter space you need to cook fabulous meals from beginning to end without going back inside the house.

Sinks and Appliances

You know that you need to run water in order to prepare food. The latest outdoor kitchen additions are sinks, dishwashers, wine coolers, and refrigerators. You can have a sink with hot and cold running water so you can wash and prepare your food.

You can have mini-fridges under the countertops or you can install full-size refrigeration units in upright cabinets that are built to protect the appliance from water exposure or exposure to any of the outdoor elements.

You can also install a dishwasher so you can stop using the throwaway plates and glasses when you eat outside. You save money by not having to buy the disposable dinnerware and you save the environment by not adding more waste to the landfills. Your dishes are kept outdoors, cleaned outdoors, and ready to use whenever you are ready to entertain.

The addition of a wine cooler under the countertop will allow you to have chilled adult beverages at the perfect sipping temperature. You will not have to bring the wine out with you when you come or go back inside to retrieve the wine when you are ready to serve.


I am not talking about simple gas or charcoal grills. I am talking about stoves that have working ovens, four or more burners, griddles, and grills. I am talking about some of the finest cooking appliances available today.


Outdoor spaces with this many amenities need the perfect outdoor lighting so you can see to entertain no matter what time of day or night it is. You can have soft lighting around the perimeter and brighter lights over your work area so you can always see to do what you want to do.

Final Thoughts

If you would like to know more about creating an outdoor kitchen that takes the work out of entertaining contact the professionals at Fritz Stoneworks at 636-861-1530. They can help you learn about all of the options available in your area. They can help you with every phase of your outdoor kitchen construction or renovation.